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Мотивационный оратор

Rhetoric & Public speaking course in Brno

Multicultural Centre Brusinka organizes a course of public speaking
in Czech, English or Russian. Exclusively in Brno!

If you want to learn the following:

- speak beautifully and competently
- improve articulation
- express your thoughts clearly
- hold the audience's attention
- look convincing in front of an audience
- improve communication effectiveness

You need rhetoric lessons!


Individual lessons are suitable for children aged 6 and up and adults. Each trainee is given an individual program that is tailored to their specific goals and objectives. Group lessons are available for groups of 4
or more.

Do you have a meeting with important partners, a job interview or a speech at a conference and want to feel confident? Do you want to learn how to express your thoughts clearly, control your emotions, your breathing
and take the time to find the right words? Don't know how to overcome the grip that appears in the body during important meetings?

Our experienced teachers will teach you how to feel comfortable and confident in different situations and how to find your way out of embarrassment. The courses will also be useful for all responsible parents who cannot find opportunities for self-fulfilment and devote all their free time to their л.

"I decided that the public speaking course was finally due!


My professional experience allowed me to take a course in rhetoric and public speaking that I had been planning for more than two years. The impetus for this project was quarantine and limited social activities. In addition, people have recently started asking me if I know someone in Brno who runs a similar course, so his performance in the center of Brusnik, where I have been working since 2018, is natural. Technology cannot replace lively, beautiful, and harmonious speech, which is why the art of eloquence, which originated in ancient Greece, is more relevant and in demand today than ever."

Elizabeth Chernyak

Price Adults
Payments for 1 or 2 students
Zkušební lekce
500 Kč
60 minut
Zkušební lekce
750 Kč
90 minut
5 lekcí
2400 Kč
60 minut
5 lekcí
3650 Kč
90 minut
10 lekcí
4500 Kč
60 minut
10 lekcí
7000 Kč
90 minut
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