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Helping hand for people - association of Czech citizens and foreigners

Congratulations to our colleagues from Brno on the opening of a new important association Helping hand for people, z.s. The purpose and goal of the Association is to bring together citizens and foreigners for the purpose of supporting and developing a multicultural, educational, sports and social environment in the Czech Republic.

The association achieves its goal mainly through activities in several key areas:

  • Cultural exchange and education

  • Language support, an association of people interested in foreign languages

  • Support for integration, education and creativity

  • Extracurricular education

  • Organization of sports events for adults and children

  • Organization of stays, familiarization events, trips, tours and meetings

  • Organization of children's camps and other leisure activities

  • Providing advice with regard to the purpose of the association

  • Creation of radio and television programs

  • Support for children and adolescents without a social background, integration of persons with disabilities into society and the collective, their return to active life, as well as the provision of assistance to persons at risk of negative influences

  • Support for disadvantaged minorities

  • Addressing the public and public campaigns - debates, forums, conferences, festivals, focused on the topics of multiculturalism, inclusion and diversity, tolerance towards differences, cooperation with the media, developing relations with other organizations

The project was designed, developed and implemented with long-term sustainability in mind. It is important to mention this because even children already know that the modern world directs us to find a balance between economic growth, environmental protection and social justice. We wish our colleagues much success and look forward to further diverse and fruitful cooperation on various projects aimed at improving the lives of the residents of the South Moravian Region and the city of Brno and the development of the region.

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