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Private music studio in Brno: singing, piano, guitar, flute, violin

We teach singing in Brno, singing lessons are available for adults and children. You will learn to control your voice, the basics of singing technique with an emphasis on correct intonation, rhythm, phrasing and overall expression in the interpretation of songs of various musical styles and improvisation.

Have you long dreamed of learning to play your favorite tune on the piano or guitar? Would you like to surprise your friends with a professional performance of any famous song? Do you want to brush up on your solfeggio knowledge and master notation? We will help you make your dreams come true!

When learning to play an instrument, we allow you to choose the style and control the progress and results.

Send us your request, we will be happy to help you!

The Brusnika Multicultural Center offers:

  • Individual piano, violin, guitar, flute lessons, including musical literacy;

  • Pop and jazz singing lessons with a selection of repertoire that is best for your voice;

  • Courses to prepare for talent exams at the ZUŠ

  • Group lessons for preschoolers

Lessons are intended for children from 4 years old, students and adults. Teaching is possible in English, Czech or Russian, according to your choice. Students of the Center also have the opportunity to participate twice a year in concerts of the Multicultural Center Brusinka, Open stage concerts, festivals, etc.

Send your request now - discover and open your talent to the world!

Price for adults 25+

Price for children, students, seniors

Music Sheets

Payment options

To a bank account, by card, from the FKSP fund, Benefits, invoice

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