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Решение математических уравнений

Příprava na zkoušky

The team of the Multicultural Center in Brno will help you prepare for the following exams and life stages:

  • Prepare a preschool child for Czech elementary school;

  • Prepare to enter a language class;

  • Prepare to enter a math class;

  • Prepare for the talent test at a music school;

  • Prepare for the talent test for the art field;

  • Prepare for entrance to gymnasium (CERMAT tests);

  • Prepare for the matriculation exam;

  • Prepare for university exams;

  • Prepare for Czech language exams (including exams for permanent residence and citizenship);

  • Prepare for language exams in English, Russian, Italian.

Price for adults 25+

Price for children, students, seniors

Math Notebook and Calculator

Payment options

To a bank account, by card, from the FKSP fund, Benefits, invoice

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