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Activities for preschool children

At the Brusinka Multicultural Center we offer a wide range of activities for preschoolers. It can be individual or group lessons: languages, music, painting, development of communication skills, movement activities, development of attention and auditory perception. We offer babysitting for children from the age of 3, whether you need one-off help or regular cooperation.

Part of the Center is the Brusinka Mini Kindergarten with a shortened stay (10:00-14:00), which is intended for children aged 3-5 years. It is a good opportunity for children to get used to interacting with other children and improve their ability to adapt to a new environment, give them time to get oriented and integrate.

Daycare Center


In program:

Developmental games, speech development, poems and fairy tales in Russian, Czech and English. The group is led by teachers with many years of experience working in children's groups and specialized education.

What we do in the group:

- skill development games;
- didactic and board games for the development of logic
- development of thinking and imagination
- counting and letters
- creative activities, art
- gymnastics and warm-ups
- rhythmic movement
- musical development
- learning poems and songs
- reading books from our library

The lessons are led by teachers with many years of experience working with children. We use educational cards, dice, lotto, dominoes, plasticine, puzzles, colored papers, musical instruments and other aids.

Kindergarten Classroom
Počet hodin
5 hodin
850 Kč
4 hodiny
700 Kč
3 hodiny
540 Kč
2 hodiny
380 Kč
1 hodina
200 Kč
Počet hodin
2 hodiny a více
150 Kč/hodina
1 hodina
200 Kč

Payment options

To a bank account, by card, from the FKSP fund, Benefits, invoice

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