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Library of foreign language literature in Brno

There are not enough foreign language books in the public libraries of the city of Brno, where our Multicultural Center is located. Especially in Russian, one of the most widely spoken languages in the world. Of course, effective language teaching cannot be done without reading literature, which is why we decided to open a private library with books and textbooks from our personal archive.

We donated our large archive of books in French to the Moravian State Library.

Even in the age of electronic devices, the printed book is a unique phenomenon, especially if we talk about the development of reading skills and the linguistic image of the world in children. The role of printed books in shaping the worldview and cultural platform from which "trains" will depart in the future cannot be underestimated. Of course, the choice of direction will depend on the child, but we, the parents, can already help children fill the wagons with the necessary luggage and tell them what will help them get on the tracks and stay on course. A properly chosen book will become a source of knowledge about the structure of the world, give children a unique experience of immersion in different worlds and cultures, fill their communication with peers with great meaning, develop associative thinking and teach them to draw analogies.

Printed books are especially recommended for bilingual children. Fine motor skills, visual perception, lexical richness of texts and the ability to choose an appropriate pace in the age of high-speed technologies and fast knowledge are important here. And each book is different to the touch, each has a special smell and rustles the pages. An ordinary book, familiar to us adults, in a soft or hard, rough or smooth cover, becomes a child's guide and friend. A book created with an emphasis on content and design will not only allow children to immerse themselves in the culture of reading, but also teach them the important ability to temporarily step out of the aggressive flow of information and focus, help relieve stress and smooth out neurological problems.

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