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Шоу теней

Actor's studio in Brno

The Multicultural Acting Studio was opened in 2018 for talents interested in theater arts, improvisation and self-presentation. Since 2020, the studio has been operating under the roof of the Multicultural Center Brusinka.

We aim to develop and support future actors who come from different cultural and ethnic backgrounds, creating an environment where artists can meet, collaborate and improve their skills in the artistic field, with an emphasis on respecting and celebrating cultural diversity.

During the course, students will acquire the necessary skills for playing on stage and will have the opportunity to present their skills to the public.

Study objectives

We offer the development of acting talent with an emphasis on the ability to work as a team on stage as in the theater. The course is suitable not only for future actors, but for example for people who want to improve their communication skills, reactions and reasoning and overcome themselves.

Price for adults 25+

Price for children, students, seniors

In the theatre

Payment options

To a bank account, by card, from the FKSP fund, Benefits, invoice

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