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Speech therapist (speech therapist for Ukrainian and Russian speakers)

Does your child have speech or pronunciation problems? If a Czech speech therapist recommends you to contact a Russian or Ukrainian-speaking colleague, we are here for you. Problems can be caused by various causes, for example connected with bilingualism and language interference, mental stress or other reasons) a professional speech therapist of the Brusinka Multicultural Center will help you understand the causes and find a suitable solution for you.

Knowing several languages is a gift, but it must be treated with special care and understanding. It is important to know that the presence of bilingualism or multilingualism alone cannot be the main cause of incorrect language development. It may take a child at least 5 years to start using all the languages of the environment (for example, the two languages of the parents) in parallel and as completely as possible.

Taking into account all factors of the development and use of languages in the family and their correct balance will help the child to develop harmoniously and in conditions of bilingualism. In case of any problems with speech development, a systematic approach is needed.

We focus on:

- Diagnosis of speech development
- Phonetic development
- Correction of deficiencies in sound pronunciation
- Distinction of sounds
- Speech development
- Fix conflict with writing and reading
- Working with bilingual children

10 konzultací
45 minut
10 konzultací
30 minut
5 konzultací
45 minut
5 konzultací
30 minut
1 konzultace s diagnostikou
30 minut
Playing with Letters

Payment options

To a bank account, by card, from the FKSP fund, Benefits, invoice

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