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Multicultural kids playing

Preventive and educational multicultural programs

Multicultural Center Brusinka offers kindergartens and schools with multi-ethnic classes guidance in the area of multicultural education and help with the integration of children with a different mother tongue. Over the last year, we have had a large increase in children from various countries in Brno, not only from Ukraine, but also from Vietnam, India, Kazakhstan, and African countries. In addition, the national minorities, living in Brno is also solving the problem of integration. We want to ease the fate of teachers and help their students find their way in a diverse team.

Multicultural education as a cross-cutting topic plays a significant role in the primary prevention of racism and xenophobia. The main goal of the project is the prevention of prejudices and stereotypes through intercultural education and the development of knowledge, skills and abilities using interactive and experiential methods. During the joint meeting, the students will get to know the cultures of the countries from which foreigners living in the Czech Republic come, they will learn in the form of creative activities, stories, talks about traditions and interesting things with the presentation of the language, culinary traditions and music of the given country.

Payment for the service is realized in the form of voluntary contributions.

The programs last 60 minutes and are always adapted to the age of the children.

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