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Career and financial counsultations in Brno

Multicultural Center Brusinka offers free career and financial counseling in Brno. In case of unexpected situations, you can contact us and we will find a common solution together! We care that you have all the information to make the right decision. We have experience and advice that could be very useful to improve your life and you had the opportunity to devote more time to self-development and family.

As part of career consultation  we will help you write a CV and motivation letter in English, Czech or Russian for work in the Czech Republic or abroad, and advise where and how to look for work in the Czech Republic.
    We can also prepare you for an interview, but that is part of the paid language services of our Multicultural Center.

As part of financial consultations we offer:
    - lectures on financial literacy for school-aged children, students and adults, for schools, universities and organizations
    - personal and individual consultation in Brno, creation of a financial portfolio and a comprehensive financial plan, including mortgage, life and accident insurance, loan consolidation, annuity, savings and investments. We will compare hundreds of financial products for you and together we will choose the best for you, regardless of the type of stay and the original financial situation!

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