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Support coworking space for families in Brno!

Updated: Aug 10, 2023

Join us to create a space for families with children in Brno - coworking space with a playroom! It's a wonderful chance for parents who want to organize meetings, deal with work matters and at the same time take care of self-development without having to deal with childcare.

What is our goal?

Local society does not have enough opportunities for interaction and leisure activities, and then also for work, because there is a lack of places in kindergartens. We help people organize an effective space and develop for the benefit of their family and society even in difficult social conditions (single women, foreigners, people with disabilities, etc.). We need funding to pay rent, renovate facilities and reduce the price of services for families.


The goal of our non-profit organization is the association of Czech citizens for the purpose of supporting and developing a multicultural foreign cultural and social environment in the South Moravian Region and especially in Brno, as well as the integration of foreigners in the South Moravian Region. Here we help with adaptation, integration and personal development for all those interested, and then we help children to manage their homework, to trust themselves, to develop their talents, to overcome difficulties and problems. Let's build a safe space for families with children in Brno!

Why we are doing this?

Brno is a rapidly developing city with approximately 700,000 inhabitants (including the region). State universities annually attract and graduate qualified experts from CIS countries, Ukraine, Africa, Latin and North America, as well as India. Over the past 10 years, the IT industry has also been one of the fastest growing industries, attracting an increasing number of foreigners with families. At the same time, events focused on the integration of foreigners, the cultural exchange of children and adults and the linking of experiences are held in the city. We connect people from different countries of the world through education and culture for a healthy society and strengthening of European identity, coexistence of Czechs and foreigners in partnership. The staff of the Center can understand people regardless of language and origin. Our center is a place where language, creative, physical, preparatory, playful and interest courses and activities take place, as well as meetings with interesting people. Our priority is an individual approach to everyone and the creation of a friendly multicultural environment. We offer language courses for individuals and companies, including preparation for school, entrance and certification exams, interview preparation and rhetoric. In addition, knowledge of languages definitely increases the probability of employment on the labor market, the language gives a competitive advantage, for foreigners living in the Czech Republic for a long time, a good knowledge of the Czech language and an understanding of the Czech culture is a big priority. Then we offer music, art and theater courses focused on personal development and a diverse kaleidoscope of educational and entertainment events and workshops for Czechs and foreigners.

We would very much like to save the Center for the wider public, which is why we are choosing the path of crowdfunding.

We look forward to meeting you in our multicultural coworking environment.

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