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Teenagers as a target group of the Multicultural Center in Brno

Teenagers are one of the most important target groups of our Multicultural Center. Working with young people is very rewarding and provides space for mutual understanding and support between different age groups, opinions and in many cases also cultures when it comes to multi-ethnic families or migrants.

We use a multicultural and multidisciplinary respectful approach when working with teenagers. Working with teenagers requires empathy, effective communication skills, the ability to actively listen and at the same time the ability to set and maintain boundaries, respect the values, opinions and lifestyle of teenagers, flexibility and creativity. We support the very process of learning from mistakes and finding constructive solutions.

At the same time, when solving various problems and crisis situations, cooperation with the family and the community is important, and this is also a priority for us. Only in cooperation with all participants in the process does the personality of teenagers develop. Although as a leisure and education center we are mainly concerned with tutoring and creative development of children, there is also a social aspect to working with teenagers, which includes dealing with complications related to mental health, school difficulties, social inclusion and many others.

We work with both Czech teenagers and foreigners. The group of foreigners is the most vulnerable due to weaker knowledge of the language and cultural differences, and because of this, many children from this group need an individual approach.

Teenagers are considered a vulnerable group for several reasons. The period of puberty brings not only physical changes, but also emotional instability, which can affect the ability to cope with stress and difficulties. Social pressures, which can include fitting into peer groups and finding one's place in society, which can be challenging and often involve many questions and insecurities, are also an important factor. Peer, school and family expectations can increase levels of stress and vulnerability.

That's why we try to support this target group as much as possible, we offer language courses, tutoring, music, art, acting courses, math lessons, a chess club and board games, a weekend excursion club and other social activities that can make children's stay in a new country more pleasant.

In this light, it is especially important for us to support teenagers with autism spectrum disorders and discover their individual talents. Among our students, there are children who express their emotions and knowledge, for example, only by drawing, playing the violin, or their mother needs to hold their hand while learning. If the competencies of our employees and special educators are sufficient, then we will gladly accept such students.

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