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Brusinka's Annual Report: Celebrating Diversity and Building Inclusive Communities in 2023

If we aim to assist foreigners in feeling more at home in Czech society, it is essential to prioritize multiculturalism, unity, and diversity. By appreciating and celebrating these aspects, we can cultivate a warm and inviting atmosphere that unites individuals from diverse backgrounds. This, in turn, helps us to build strong, supportive communities across our city and country.

The Multicultural Center Brusinka is devoted to championing inclusivity and fostering unity. Our commitment extends to promoting social inclusion and gender equality, fostering a culture that cherishes diversity. We aim to elevate global well-being and mental health by actively engaging with the international community and endorsing community-led development. Furthermore, we acknowledge the importance of European cultural heritage and the value inherent in creative sectors. As such, we actively support the growth and development of cultural and creative sectors in Ukraine.

The annual report of the Multicultural Center Brusinka is much more than just a collection of statistics. It is a testament to the power of unity, understanding, and shared experiences. As we look back on the past year's accomplishments, it is clear that Brusinka's dedication to celebrating diversity has had a positive impact, enriching the lives of individuals and strengthening the community. This report is not just a document; it is a celebration of multiculturalism, a vision for the future, and an invitation for everyone to join the journey towards a more inclusive and harmonious society.

Let's look closer into our insightful report and explore our remarkable journey over 2023.

Here you can download the reports in English, Czech, Russian and Ukrainian languages:


English    Czech    Russian    Ukrainian


 Our report provides an excellent opportunity to learn about our achievements and how we contribute to a more inclusive Brno. We trust that you will find it both insightful and inspiring.

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