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A Wellbeing Journey Through Support and Diversity at Multicultural Center Brusinka

Updated: Dec 7, 2023

As the end of 2023 approaches, many of us recall joyful moments in our careers, personal lives and reunions with loved ones. For others, however, the year has been a challenge. War in Ukraine and Israel. Worries about the future. Work arguments about nationality. Discrimination when attempting to rent a flat. Different opinions. Things are getting more expensive and energy prices are going up a lot. That all is having a serious impact on mental health.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), migrants are especially vulnerable because they can face a variety of stressors and difficulties that impact their mental health and general wellbeing both before and after they arrive. Common mental illnesses including anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) are more frequent among migrant and refugee groups than in host ones.

How can the Multicultural Center Brusinka be there for you?

🌺 1. Community support

The Multicultural Center Brusinka is alive with exciting events every month, providing a unique opportunity to meet like-minded people. This cultural oasis offers space for a variety of events that bring together people of different nationalities and cultures.

Thanks to the variety of events, there is something for everyone. Meetings, discussions, cultural evenings and much more - all this creates an atmosphere of mutual understanding and inspires the exchange of experiences. The Multicultural Center Brusinka becomes a place where not only different cultures come together, but also people who are ready to share their traditions and learn new things.

🗣️ 2. Multilingual Psychological Assistance

At the Multicultural Center Brusinka you will find outstanding professional psychologists ready to help you in four languages: Czech, English, Russian and Ukrainian. Our experienced professionals offer support and counseling, ensuring comfortable communication in your native language.

No matter what language you prefer to communicate in, our psychologists are ready to create a cozy and trusting space for conversation. We value diversity and strive to ensure that quality psychological support is available to all who contact us. Rest assured that in our center your request will be met with understanding and professionalism, and support will be provided in the language you are most comfortable with.

💼3. Career & Financial Consultations

Career counseling and financial counseling are key aspects of support that have a direct impact on physical health. These services can help our clients to better understand their professional opportunities, make successful career plans and effectively manage their financial well-being. In addition, an informed approach to career and financial planning promotes work-life balance, which is an important factor in maintaining physical and emotional health.

🎨4. The Therapeutic Impact of Art, Music, and Acting Classes

Art, music and acting classes at our center play an important role in supporting mental health. These forms of creativity provide unique mechanisms for self-expression and emotional release, which is particularly valuable in the pursuit of psychological well being. You can experience experiences at our center ranging from creative expression to developing empathy and social skills through acting.

To everyone seeking comfort, understanding, and growth, Brusinka is not just a center - it's your safe place. Your journey matters, and in our community, you will find not only support but a celebration of diversity and shared experiences.

Author: Mgr. Mariia Svyrydova

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