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Schedule of Saturday clubs for children

The Brusinka Multicultural Center announces registration for Saturday children's groups starting in the new school year. Classes begin on September 23, 2023. The schedule may change depending on the number and age of registered participants.

Czech department:

11:00 Czech 5+, preparation for school

English Department:

11:00 English 5+

12:00 English 8+

Russian Department:

10:00 Russian for bilingual children 4+

10:00 Russian language for bilingual children 6+

10:00 Russian for bilingual children 6+

11:00 Musical development, choir 5+

12:00 Musical development, choir 8+

Ukrainian Department:

Excursion club on weekends (by arrangement)

Multicultural department (in different languages):

11:00 Chess 6+

11:00 Art work 5+

12:00 Artwork 8+


Payment for 10 lessons - 2,200 crowns per trimester (dates: September 23-December 2, December 9-April 9, April 16-June 15)

Payment for 30 lessons (year-round) – 4500 CZK

Discount when paying for courses for the second child of the family: CZK 500

Discount when paying for more than one mug: 500 CZK per family

On Saturdays we have speech therapist consultations for speech development (Russian, Ukrainian), personal guitar, Czech, and English lessons.

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