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Events and courses for Ukrainians in Brno

Updated: Aug 31, 2023

From February 2022, our non-profit organization started to carry out activities beyond its usual workload.The Multicultural Center, which was registered in Brno in August 2020, previously provided courses, clubs, camps and lectures for minorities and foreigners.But since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, hundreds of people started coming to Brno, who were not at all prepared for such an acute move.From the beginning of the war in Ukraine until April 1, 2023, the Ministry of the Interior issued a total of 504,107 temporary protections, which meant for us that we dealt with Czech and English courses, children's clubs, services and counseling for refugees every day from morning to evening.

Throughout the summer of 2022, the management of the center, primarily on a volunteer basis, took care of children and adults who were in an emergency situation and had a problem with orientation in Brno.After that, we started actively looking for funding to ensure the work of our experts and rent, but we received money for free activities for Ukrainians only at the end of 2022, thanks to cooperation with the organization "Cesta Rozvoje" and the project "Let's come together" from Erasmus +.Our goal was to facilitate the integration of Ukrainian refugees into Czech society. The main part of the project was focused on local activities for Czech and Ukrainian youth, mainly on community events, informal education, adaptation courses and language training, cultural and leisure activities.

Additionally, our teacher Ludmila Vladimirovna Pinčuk, representative of the Committee for National Minorities of the ZMB for Ukraine, head of the Department of Education and Leisure, established by the Multicultural Center Brusinka with a focus on Ukrainian families, opened several groups for the adaptation of Ukrainian children to the Czech school in elementary school Křídlovická. Children receive support in learning Czech and English, taking into account the peculiarities of their mother tongue.

We also supported Ukrainian refugees in the implementation of activities within their own community, we employed several citizens of Ukraine, mainly professionals with higher education, teachers and advisers.As a Multicultural Center, we have made sure that a group that faces social prejudices or obstacles in joining mainstream society feels better and that locals and newcomers are as connected as possible.

Another success story was a cooperation with IT companies from Brno such as AT&T, Red Hat, Zebra, which provided more than 60 laptops for Ukrainian families for free.We also offered free translation services, consultations for school children about education, help with phone calls and letters to various organizations.There are currently 325,742 persons with temporary protection in the territory of the Czech Republic. Roughly one third of the persons returned to Ukraine.

But there is still a problem with the implementation of social inclusion activities for refugees.There are many people who have decided to stay in the Czech Republic and then there are also families who have nowhere to return.We try to maintain efficiency in supporting refugees, as well as supporting national minorities living in Brno, migrants and expats, but as a non-profit organization we are completely dependent on funding.In order to continue our activities, this year we are actively looking for grants and subsidies that will help us continue to help people.

The goal of the Multicultural Center is the association of Czech citizens for the purpose of supporting and developing a multicultural foreign cultural and social environment in the South Moravian Region and especially in Brno, as well as the integration of foreigners in the South Moravian Region. Here we help with adaptation, integration and personal development for all those interested, and then we help children to manage their homework, to trust themselves, to develop their talents, to overcome difficulties and problems. Even a small amount can save us.

We would very much like to preserve the Center for the public, which is why we are choosing the path of crowdfunding.

Here are the ways you can support us:

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