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The importance of learning English in the Czech Republic: how and why

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English is an internationally recognized language that opens doors to global communication, trade, education, and culture. Even though the Czech Republic is not an English-speaking country, knowledge of English is crucial for many Czechs for several reasons.

Improving chances in the job market is one of the main reasons why Czechs learn English. In today's era of globalization, the ability to speak English is often decisive when seeking employment, especially in international companies and industries such as tourism, IT, or commerce.

English also plays a crucial role in education. Many prestigious universities worldwide teach their courses in English, allowing Czech students to study abroad or participate in international research projects and conferences. Furthermore, learning this language is not only practical but also enriching.

Apart from practical reasons, English has several other advantages that make it an attractive language to learn. For instance, English does not require adhering to formal rules regarding addressing others, as Czech does, so it inherently offers greater tolerance and understanding. The grammatical structure of sentences automatically fosters more polite and considerate communication, facilitating understanding and eliminating the possibility of misunderstanding. To sound angry or stern in English, one needs to speak the language at a very high level.

Moreover, English encompasses a wide range of accents, so nobody is judged based on pronunciation in everyday communication. The primary aim of English is always successful communication across borders and cultures, regardless of the speaker's origin.

It is interesting to observe the differences in language skills between Czech adults and young people in the professional sphere. There is often a significant gap in pronunciation and fluency between these age groups, which can be attributed to differences in how language is learned in youth. Thanks to a more modern approach to education, young people can access various resources, including films, scientific articles, conferences abroad, Erasmus+ programs, and travel and communication with native speakers.

English language in Czech Republic

This year, a group of grammar school students from Brno demonstrated that with excellent English proficiency, teamwork, integration, enthusiasm, inventiveness, and excellent communication skills in a foreign language, it is possible to succeed at the international level. Their success in the prestigious Conrad Challenge competition and subsequent victory in the NASA competition exemplify what can be achieved when skills, thinking, talent, and hard work come together. These young people, coming from different cultural backgrounds, are excellent examples of success and prove that the Czech Republic has much to offer in the world of innovation and science. In today's global economy, the ability to speak English is crucial for the competitiveness of the Czech Republic in the international market, as demonstrated by high school students.

Considering that according to the Minister of Labour, around 300,000 jobs will disappear in the Czech Republic in the coming years, and another million positions will change due to the digitalization of their job descriptions, it is essential to invest in retraining and education, especially in the field of digital education. These investments will not only help people adapt to new working conditions but also attract foreign investors looking for talented and well-trained labor. In this context, English is essential because most leading products in the global market are not localized into Czech.

English is also necessary in the Czech Republic to improve the level of services, whether it's on Czech railways, in restaurants, or in wine bars. It's great when a person who doesn't speak Czech feels comfortable in the Czech Republic and has access to quality services!

Czechs who speak English have easier access to travel around the world, exploring new cultures and building international friendships. This can strengthen individuals' personal and professional perspectives and contribute to expanding their horizons and understanding diverse cultural and social perspectives. Acquiring such competencies is crucial for a country that has been in the European Union for 20 years and is focused on education and lifelong learning, respect and solidarity, diversity, and multiculturalism according to European values. All of this, along with responsible management and sustainability.

In our Multicultural Center, more and more students are opting to study English because they want to be able to communicate in any situation - for example, on vacation, when moving to another country, or when pursuing their dream job. Quality English education at the Brusinka Multicultural Center in Brno is a way to effectively improve language skills and achieve communication, educational, and professional goals. Additionally, it's an opportunity to prepare for English certification exams. If you want to appear professional and dignified, we'll help you start working on your pronunciation and phonetics so that you can be understandable and confident in all situations. Boosting confidence, assurance, knowledge, and a human approach is the fundamental principle of education at Brusinka. Visit us and discover your potential in the world of the English language!

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